Cornerstone Church began as a Bible study in the home of Gwen and Charles Brown in 2005. In August of that year, the Brown family found themselves ministering to new Christians and to others who had become disengaged with the church. Attendance at the Bible study grew and participants expressed interest in moving beyond simply meeting as a study group. With prayer, discernment and leading of the Holy Spirit, this small Bible study established itself as a church. Cornerstone has met in several locations in the last six years and recently purchased a church building in Snellville,Georgia. 

From its founding, Gwen Brown served as Cornerstone’s pastor until her passing in August 2013. In a step of faith and to prepare to serve and lead the church, she enrolled in seminary and graduated in 2010 from the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University, earning a Master of Divinity degree. Gwen excelled as a student and as a leader among McAfee students and was selected as the winner of the William Ollie and Nell R. Key Excellence in Leadership Award, 2009-2010 and the 2010 Addie Davis Award for Excellence in Pastoral Leadership. During her seminary years, Gwen interned at New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia, and was mentored by that church’s pastor, Rev. Elijah Collins Jr. of New Jerusalem ordained Gwen to the gospel ministry in 2007. In September 2013, Rev. Elijah Collins Jr. of New Jerusalem ordained Charles L. Brown to the gospel ministry and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church.

Cornerstone is a missional church and a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church whose mission is to participate in the redeeming work of God on earth—transforming lives by God’s grace, nurturing one another by Jesus’ love, and serving one another by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are intentional about reaching into the lives of people inside and outside of our church through community partnerships, local missions, worship and more.  

Our community is best described as a tapestry in that the people are closely sewn together ---from upper to very low income levels—all within a close reach of one another. We are excited about the opportunity to serve this community in new and different ways. And as we continue to partner with those in our community, the amazing work we will do together will only enhance our community, heighten an awareness of God, and accomplish the mission of changing and building lives for kingdom work.

Within our community, we have established partnership in ministry with other Baptist churches in feeding the hungry and caring for the homeless; in collecting water and food for earthquake survivors in Haiti; and in tutoring and mentoring children at neighborhood schools. Cornerstone will serve as an Encourager Church to Field Personnel in Uganda.

The Cornerstone Church community is welcoming and inclusive. A visitor wrote, “I was very impressed by the wonderful blend of traditional worship with liturgical. How wonderful and creative and such a sweet community of faith” (P. Farmer, 2010).