Mission Statement

The Cornerstone Vision
To build a great community for all people through the teachings of Jesus that brings personal conversion, community formation, social
justice and cultural renewal to Snellville and to the world.

Cornerstone Core Values
1. Gospel
The Gospel is the Good News that through Christ the power of God's kingdom has entered history to renew the world.

2. Changed People
People of God are changed from the inside out by The Good News.
Christ gives us a new identity, freeing us from self-righteousness and self-condemnation. We accept all people and we are freed from the bondage of things.

3. City
We believe that through spreading the Good News our city will prosper. We are intentional to weave our lives into the lives of those in our city to bring unity and togetherness.

4. Community
We lean into the lives of others and welcome all into the church. We believe the village is made stronger when community is formed.

5. New territory
We believe in extending our hearts to reach others around the world. We commit to partnering with other churches and organizations, and to be
an encourager to church plants in and around our city.

6. Serving
We are committed to serving others with our gifts and resources. We will stand for justice for the least of these.

7. Renewing
We believe the arts can serve to enhance and improve quality of life. We support cultural engagements in ways appropriate for us.